Here at Kalinga Park we are a little old school, we like to practice continuity of care where possible, to us this means:
  1. Trying to ensure you are always dealing with the same veterinarian.
  2. Providing a service to our clients that works around the clock.

So what does this mean for Our Clients

In the event your pet is unwell after hours, our phone number is diverted to our Senior Veterinarian(Ben) who is in effect on call 24hrs a day 7 days a week.  He can provide you with immediate advice concerning your pets illness particularly if it is an ongoing issue that is already under the care of the clinician.  In the event that it is felt your pet needs to see a vet after hours, our veterinarian lives close by so we can arrange a time to met at the clinic for an examination and treatment.  If this isn't possible, Ben can arrange for an alternative after-hours service to see your pet.  Read on for contact numbers.


If your pet is unwell call 07 33571588 to speak to our staff, allow the phone to ring through to the diversion and you will be put through to the vets mobile.  In the event he cannot answer the phone for any reason you can leave a message and he can call you back.  Please make sure you leave your contact number in the message. 

If your pet is critically unwell, and you fear for their life, we do not recommend leaving a message in the event the vet doesn't answer, we recommend calling our backup after-hours server at PET ER, on 07 33590777.

I do not routinely provide phone advice to people who are not clients of the veterinary surgery. I can not generally make appointments for regular visits, as I am  often not in front of a computer linked to the surgery. I do have access to client files and information from remote locations, so I can review case specifics if required.