No more crying cats, No more anxious dogs - Kalinga Park Veterinary Surgery is excited to announce our House Call Service. Dr Ben Charlton brings modern veterinary practice and a personalised service to Wooloowin and surrounding areas. Many routine procedures, such as vaccinations and health checks, and some non routine procedures can be preformed in the comfort of your pets own home environment. Our patients will enjoy the comfort and safety of being examined in their homes, while our clients enjoy this convenience at very reasonable prices.


House calls by appointment only

Please phone or email our friendly nursing staff to arrange your appointment.

Ph- 07 3357 1588

Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


One- on- one house calls can minimise many of the stresses associated with transporting your furry loved ones to a veterinary clinic. House calls are a simple and stress free solution for the elderly, impaired, busy, and those with multiple pets who would rather be seen in the relaxed environment of their own homes. House call appointments also allow our Veterinary to spend quality time with you and your pet – free from interruptions.

Benefits for your pets:

  • Eliminate fear and trauma that some animals experience when transported from their home to a veterinary clinic.
  • Avoid the anxiety and stress associated with being placed in a cat box.
  • No more worrying interactions in a waiting room with unknown animals.
  • More familiar and secure surrounding means a more positive veterinary experience.

Benefits for you:

  • A logical solution if you are unable to drive, do not have a car or have other transport limitations.
  • A fantastic alternative for yearly check ups and vaccinations, particularly if you have more than one pet. We can see all your pets in one visit, and avoid the chaos of tangled leads and breaking cat boxes.
  • Environmental observation can be made- resulting in improved health and wellbeing for your pet.