Pet Dentistry

For most of us, caring for our teeth and gums has been part of our daily routine for as long as we can remember. If we don't we risk not only having bad breath but also plaque build up and gum disease. Just like you, your pet needs dental care too.

Teeth and gum problems are some of the most common conditions we see in dogs and cats with over 80% of animals over 4 years of age affected to some degree. The severity of gum disease is dependent not only on age, but also on diet and breed with small dogs and cats being more commonly affected.

Just as importantly it has been shown that poor dental health can increase the incidence of heart, liver, and kidney disease, and that good dental health can add up to 4 years of life to your pet.

At Kalinga Park Vet Surgery we provide the highest standard of dental care available for your pet. Under general anaesthetic, your pets teeth and gums will be examined and the tartar removed using an ultrasonic scaler similar to what your dentist uses. All teeth are individually assessed for health and longevity and finally polished to have them looking their sparkling best.

After your  pets procedure will will discuss a preventative home dental care program for your pet. We stock a number of convenient prescription diets aimed at preventing tartar re-occurrence as well as other dental care products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, specialised chew treats and mouth sprays.

So if you would like to say goodbye to bad breath for your pet and have their teeth bright and white again call the clinic for a dental check up for your pet.


Kalinga Park Vet Surgery is proud to now offer free home delivery of pet foods.  You can place an order and pay over the phone and your delivery will be delivered to your door that week, usually withing 2 working days. We stock a range of pet foods.  

  • Hills Vet Essentials Range
  • Eukanuba Premium
  • Royal Canin Vet and Health lines

If you are looking for  a particular food chances are we can get it and deliver it.  


Please read more for the specific terms and conditions that apply.

Please call 07 33571588 to place an order or enquire regarding the details.



Pets, on average, age five to eight times faster than humans. By age two, most pets have already reached adulthood. At age four,  many are entering middle age, and beginning around age seven, your pet enters his or her senior years.

Because pets age so rapidly, major health changes can occur in a short amount of time. The risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease and other serious conditions all increase with age.

Annual health checks can help us diagnose, treat or even prevent problems before they become life-threatening. They're also a great opportunity to ask us about nutrition, behaviour or any other issues.

Identify your pets real age using the charts below then call us today to book a health check for your pet.


It is not a nice subject, but dog and car owners, for the sake of their pets and their families, have to think about treating intestinal worms.

Most people know their animals should be treated from time to time for “worms”. Why? Because, if left untreated they will cause illness and possibly death to your dog or cat. They can also occasionally be passed on to humans particularly children with potentially serious side effects.

By the way, don’t confuse intestinal worm with heartworm. They are quite different and need different treatments.

Intestinal worms are parasites, which, as their name suggests, live in the intestines from which they draw sustenance. In Australia, dogs and cats are mainly affected by round worms, hook worms, whip worms and tape worms.


The area in which you live can affect the type of parasite your dog or cat is likely to get. For instance pets in tropical climates tend to be more heavily infested than those in cooler climates. Hookworm is a particular menace in Queensland, affecting both dogs and humans and with so much of Queensland being affected by floods this summer the risk is even higher.